Monday, February 22, 2010

MINI REVIEWS: Bright Star & Coco Before Chanel

Bright Star
Number of Nominations: 1 (Best Costume Design)
Availability in the US: DVD

The tragic love story of poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne comes to life in Bright Star. If this film doesn't win the Best Costume Oscar, they should give it an award in a new category: Most Costumes. Abbie Cornish never wears an outfit for more than 5 minutes of screentime in the film, and each outfit is more beautiful than the last. In any other year, Bright Star might stand a chance in this category, as it is what Academy voters love: a British costume drama. Unfortunately, this year it's up against another costume drama, The Young Victoria, which is an overall better and more widely noticed film.

Coco Before Chanel
Number of Nominations: 1 (Best Costume Design)
Availability in the US: DVD, Blu-ray

Coco Before Chanel is a biopic of the famous Coco Chanel, focusing mainly on her life from around 1895 to 1919, before she became the world-renowned designer and founder of one of the most well-known brands in history. The film itself is rather enjoyable, and Audrey Tautou gives her usual great performance. The nominated costumes are, as one might expect from a movie about the world's best-known fashion designer, excellent. Unfortunately the most inspired costumes don't come until the last five minutes of the film, and before that there are only a handful of interesting garbs to be seen. Also working against this film is that it is up against not one but two British costume dramas. It seems unlikely that Coco Before Chanel will win an Oscar.

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