Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Number of Nominations: 2 (Best Actor - Morgan Freeman, Best Supporting Actor - Matt Damon)
Availability in the US: In Select Theatres (Check Showtimes)

Invictus tells the story of South African President Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) in 1995, as he attempts to unite the post-apartheid nation behind its national Rugby team, the Springboks, in their attempt to win the 1995 World Cup. The captain of the Springboks, Francois (Matt Damon) meets with Mandela and comes out of that meeting with the mission to win the World Cup.

Freeman shines as the recently elected, previously jailed and oppressed Mandela. Anyone at all familiar with the South African revolutionary would say Freeman was channeling him. He brings warmth and meaning to a film which is on its face about rugby, but at heart about apartheid and reconciliation. Matt Damon gives his best performance in some time as the Springboks' captain. His dedication to the sport and belief in what he thinks is right shine through.

Overall, Invictus is an entertaining film with a good message. I never knew or cared a thing about rugby, but as in any good sports movie, Invictus rises above the sport and gets you rooting for the home team. Now I just need someone to make a film about curling so I can finally pretend to care about it.

Grade: B+

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