Friday, March 05, 2010


Number of Nominations: 1 (Best Actor - Colin Firth)
Availability in the US: In Select Theatres (Check Showtimes)

A Single Man is the story of George (Colin Firth), a university professor whose longtime boyfriend died in a tragic accident a year ago. Believing he has nothing left to live for, he has been going through the motions as if he too were mostly dead. The film follows George through a seemingly typical day in his life in Los Angeles.

Colin Firth gives an appropriately low-key performance as the still-grieving George. Though his performance is somewhat muted, his anguish and suffering are quite apparent from just looking at Firth's face when he interacts with people. Firth's inability to move on with his life is somewhat reminiscent of John Cusack in the excellent Grace is Gone.

It is difficult to write much about this film without including any spoilers, but suffice it to say there is some very difficult subject matter dealt with and it is done deftly and sensitively. The sharpest filmgoers will notice that the film's ending is actually foreshadowed in the first five minutes, but most will be at least somewhat surprised by its conclusion. One of the highlights of the film is its cinematography. The camera shots are long and brooding, and the color scheme—which changes according to George's mood—is deliberate and well chosen.

Overall, A Single Man is a sad but satisfying film which, although unlikely to win an Oscar this year, is certainly worth seeing.

Grade: A

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