Monday, February 21, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine
Number of Nominations: 1
Categories: Best Actress (Michelle Williams)
Availability in US: In Theatres (Click for Showtimes)
Trailer: Click for Trailer
Blue Valentine tells the story of Cindy (Michelle Williams) and Dean (Ryan Gosling), a married couple whose relationship is on the rocks. The film alternates between timelines, featuring scenes from their meeting, courtship, and married life all interspersed with each other. The early days of their love are gleeful and heartwarming; the later days are gloomy and heartbreaking.

This is the best performance yet for Michelle Williams, who was robbed of an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain. She runs the whole gamut of emotions, from the exhilarating first love (and lust) to the despondent, trapped feelings late in her marriage. As a woman somewhat forced into marriage by her circumstances, you will empathize with Cindy even when she comes off as being too controlling or too uptight.

Williams is a bright young talent who, if she keeps up the way she's going, will almost certainly win an Oscar...someday. Unfortunately for her, this is not going to be her year, as she is up against the impossible-not-to-love Natalie Portman who won the Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAG Award, and looks poised to grab this little golden guy as well.
Grade: A-

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